Getting a life 2: In pursuit of God (a)

Around October 2012 I spent some serious time reflecting on my spirituality over the last few years. This led me to the conclusion that I needed make some changes to become more active in what John Wimber (founder of Vineyard churches) used to call, “The Stuff of the Kingdom”.

I’ve always believed in God even as a child, I’d always prayed to God when I was in trouble, but didn’t really adjust my life to actually live the life of a Christian until I was 18 years old. That’s when I first encountered God. It was the 1970s and I had been contemplating adopting a hippy lifestyle. I was already concerned about healthy, organic foods, saving the earth, dressing like a hippy and wondering what life in a hippy commune would be like. Well, it was the ’70s after all!


It was 1974, when I joined a few of my hippy friends who had started going to church after one of them arrived one morning, claiming he’d “seen the light”. After a few months, they all fell by the wayside, but I kept going to a church that was convinced it was the “One True Church“. And there I stayed, until 1986.

We had recently come back from a two year missionary stint in Papua New Guinea, somewhat disillusioned with “The Church“. I had begun to question the doctrines and beliefs that I had held dear for over 10 years and God used this disillusionment to stir a burning desire in my heart to know what the Bible actually taught – what the “truth” actually was.

Here I was in my late 20s, the mother of 4 lovely young children, with a desperate need to find the real “truth” according to the Bible. Over the next 18 months I had the most exciting and dramatic encounters with God that changed my life forever…


But more about that next time!


About leeslynda

I am an educator, counsellor, minister, writer and aspiring author. I am on a quest to transform my life - more fun, more family, more living life and more spirituality - so here goes!
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