10 Lessons life has taught me – Lesson 3

Lesson 3 – Make every day special – create special occasions out of ordinary days

I used to save nice things for special occasions. I had a cupboard full of fine china, crystal dishes and glasses, a lovely set of Grosvenor cutlery, beautiful table clothes and candles. For everyday use we had ordinary dishes, lots of plastic and cheap, hardy cutlery.


Creating memories

When my four children were still quite young, I decided that I wanted to make sure their memories of childhood and growing up were memorable. From that time on I went out of my way to create lots fun times with them. We went camping, I took them fishing, we cooked, painted and did many fun things together. Hubby and I created weekly outings such as dining out at Sizzlers or Roscoe’s, having fish, chips and Coke for Sunday lunch. I love Christmas, so we always had our tree up early and Christmas carols came out in November every year. My daughter is grown up now and does the same thing herself with her children. She loves carols as they remind her of her childhood.

Trapped in for Christmas eve

One year we were trapped in our house for the four days before Christmas, due to a cyclone, so decide to have Christmas on Christmas Eve, as we were not sure how much longer it would last. We’d had no power for four days, but we had presents for the kids. It’s a German tradition to open gifts on Christmas Eve so we did it that year. The cyclone ended the next day (Christmas day), but a new family tradition was born. Ever since then (over 20 years ago now) the whole extended family come over to our home on Christmas eve and we eat and drink, then open the presents. We all look forward to it and wouldn’t change it for the world.


High teas and fine dining any time

These days I’ve brought out the fine cutlery, plates and glasses and we use them often. I still create events to make great memories. I drag out the fine tea pots and cups, lace table clothes and silver trays several times a year. On these occasions I host a high tea on my veranda and invite some friends and family, play fancy music and enjoy a spending time with these special people. Last year I hosted a fund-raising high tea where we all brought a plate and $20 toward a girls’ orphanage in Cambodia. I sometimes invite my little granddaughters and nieces and they love to dress up and use special tea cups and plates.

Kids @AzAshChrisMe Mumphoto (71)

We only have one life

I have come to understand that we only have one life – this is not a dress rehearsal – and each day we have is important. If we don’t make the most of each day, that day has gone and will never come again. This IS our life and we need to live it, enjoy it and do what we can to make it memorable. Every day is a special day!

Until next time, make the most of your days and create wonderful memories. Blessings, Lynda.





About leeslynda

I am an educator, counsellor, minister, writer and aspiring author. I am on a quest to transform my life - more fun, more family, more living life and more spirituality - so here goes!
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