10 lessons life has taught me – lesson 4

Lesson 4 – Believe in miracles – they’re happening all around you

Most days feel ordinary, but don’t be fooled into thinking today isn’t the most important day of your life. On ordinary days amazing things can sometimes happen, even miracles!

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I Googled the word and found two wonderful dictionary definitions of miracle:

1. A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by nature or scientific laws and is considered to be divine.

2. A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development or accomplishment.

I love these two definitions of the word “miracle” as I often experience both of these types of miracles in my own life. Although I’m not quite sure which category some of these should go into…

Miracles, I have seen a few – divine or just extraordinary?

1. I was travelling in a car at 100 klm per hour with my 7 month old baby sleeping on a pillow on the floor at my feet (It was in the 1970s before baby capsules were compulsory or even available). For some unknown reason, I picked up my baby and held her. Next thing, the car rolled and landed on its roof. I was wearing a seat belt and somehow managed to hug baby tightly and nobody was hurt. We all walked away.

2. It was 2am and my daughter had been experiencing strong contractions for a couple of hours with her 2nd baby. She’d had a 10-hour labor with her first. I prayed and asked the Lord if he’d tell me when the baby would be born and I felt like he said, “4 o’clock”. I told my daughter this, and she said, “I think I can hang in for another 2 hours” (such faith in her mum!). Four am came and went and by mid-day the next day I figured I must have gotten it wrong and she’d surely have the baby any time now. I went home for a while and left her with her hubby. I returned to the hospital around 4:15 pm, thinking that she would have had bub hours ago, and hubby had forgotten to call me. When I arrived, the baby had just been born and my daughter told me that just after the baby was born, the nurse looked up at the clock and said, “Right on 4 o’clock!”

3. We live and breathe and have our being in God. If anyone is in Christ (believes in and follows him) he or she is a new creation – a totally new person who is filled and led by God’s Holy Spirit, and who will never be the same again!

4. We are wonderfully and fearfully made – the body’s ability to keep us alive, to repair itself and to protect itself from illness and injury is absolutely amazing – a miracle!

5. I had sciatica once and had been in pain for days. My husband and some dear Christian friends prayed for me and placed their hands on me (like the Bible says) and the pain left immediately, and I could stand up straight right away.

6. I have felt a precious child grow inside me and given birth to an amazing, beautiful, living person!

7. Any number of times, we have been hard up for the means to pay bills and prayed – somehow (every single time) the money has turned up.

8. Every morning when I get up the sun shines and I breathe in clean air, I enjoy my family and friends and thank creator God that I’m alive in so many ways. And I’m thankful that I have hope and a future.

9. My hubby and family love me and care about me – and I’m not perfect!

There are so many more “miracles” that I could tell you about, but I’d be writing all day. Sometimes they are extraordinary events, sometimes they are divine events, but they are always miracles!

What miracles have been happening in your life lately?

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Until next time, may the Lord bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you.



About leeslynda

I am an educator, counsellor, minister, writer and aspiring author. I am on a quest to transform my life - more fun, more family, more living life and more spirituality - so here goes!
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